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Axya is a procurement software with a powerful sourcing module used by more than 1000 manufacturing companies.

What you will get?

  • Full access to browse 4000+ suppliers' profiles with contact information.
  • Full RFQ management with 3 free RFQ.
  • Personalized supplier list to save your favorite partners
  • And more!

Easily streamline your sourcing effort with our fast and easy-to-use platform by subscribing to the free Axya account.

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Save time and money by streamlining your full procurement process with our more advanced package!

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Tired of…

  • Manually entering the same procurement information multiple times?
  • Having information scattered around emails/spreadsheets/ERP?
  • Asking your colleagues for siloed information within their heads?

With Axya, these problems are taken care of.

Get more done effortlessly.

Additionally, with our Business and Enterprise package, you can have access to:

  • More requests per month as a subscription.
  • Advanced data reporting.
  • Monthly procurement health report.
  • Support agent for your account.
  • ERP integration
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Discover how Axya can help you get the most out of your sourcing process

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